The Flea Library

Library Books! Spooky Tricks, Bigfoot, Choose Your Own Adventures
Library Books! Spooky Tricks, Bigfoot, Choose Your Own Adventures

The last few flea market excursions, I’ve been rummaging through piles of old library books trying to find some of the treasures from my past. For just a few quarters I’ve been able to find some pieces of the past. Things that I’ve forget and things I’ve wanted to give a second chance.

This weekend I found Spooky Tricks sitting on top of a pile of books. I have not thought about this book in decades. I still remembered a few of the tricks, but I never thought about where that knowledge came from. Finding this book again, I recalled just how much I loved this book as a 3rd grader. I mainly loved the illustration and design of the book. I spent hours tracing the images and just thumbing through the pages as a kid.

The Choose Your Own Adventure books, I lucked out and found a guy selling library copies 3 for a dollar. I had to have some! I’ve been wanting to re-enjoy them for awhile now. I would really love to find a copy of Dungeon of Dread, the first in the series, but finding a copy of the Gamma World adventure, Light on Quests Mountain made up for the fact it was not in the bargain bin. I loved the Gamma World Role Playing game as a kid. That is something else Id love to find. A nice, complete copy of the game.

I’m not going to reveal where the Bigfoot book came from, far too incriminating and I really don’t want to have the library police after me. But, it has been in my possession for decades now. Bigfoot: Americas Abominable Snowman by Elwood Baumann kept me sleeping under the covers as a kid. Some of those ‘true accounts’ terrified me. I would read them at night, far away from windows (I didn’t want a rogue Sasquatch breaking the glass and grabbing me!) and scare the crap out of myself. I always loved a good scare, even when I was 100% positive monsters did exist.


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