New Website!

My wife's new website!
My wife’s new website!

I just finished (well sort of finished) the website for my wife. I’ve been meaning to update her site for a few months now, but I finally got the time.

For her new site, I had a few new ideas that I wanted to implement. Mainly, images of her work right on the front page. Watching my analytics I see a lot of bounces on the front page and I’m hoping that putting her work on the home page will get visitors to stop and take a look. Plus, I wanted to have links from her site to mine and links to our Skreened and Cafe Press pages. Never hurts to cross promote, right?

BTW, the items on Cafe Press are selling quite well! I was a little shocked when I received a commission payment! So, if anybody reading this bought a shirt, THANK YOU! That’s awesome.

Anyway… back on topic. Yvonne wanted less art and more art of similar styles. She really wants to focus on finding an agent to represent her and she feels less is more. I agree, but it would be nice to show off some of her other illustrations and products. I did recommend starting a WP site for her personal projects and needle felting.

So, take a look and let me know what you think. There are still things to fine tune and add (gotta add more doodles!), plus I need to optimize the SEO.

Can’t forget the link!


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