Kicked in the Face By A Pony (Car)


Sometimes things start out really well and then it all goes to hell. That’s this kit. It started out awesome. This was the first car kit, based on a real vehicle, in a few months and I wanted apply some of detailing techniques I had learned.

First off, it’s an ’88 Mustang GT. When I was a teenager, these were new and one of my favorite cars. If you know nothing about the late 80’s, early 90’s car scene, this model is legendary. Despite it’s boxy, unattractive look, it’s box-stock performance and how easy and cheap it is to modify, made these Mustangs something every car loving teenager wanted to own.

About the kit, it’s a MPC/AMT kit and it’s pretty damn inaccurate to the full-sized version. But it does have the option to add t-tops. You can’t go wrong with t-tops!

Building this beast… Since it was so lackluster, I wanted to use this as a practice piece and apply some learned knowledge. At first it went well. Winding my own coil springs, flocking the interiour, detailing the undercarriage and motor with hoses, brake lines, plug wires. But once I started putting all of the pieces together it went to hell. Nothing fit right. I had to modify and hack at all the pieces I spent so long detailing.

Painting the body. After spending too much time prepping, sanding and filling the body, I was very impatient to throw down a coat of paint. I wanted to replicate a Cabernet red GT, one of my favorite factory colors. After buying the wrong color of Testors dark red enamel (note to self,  always red the label on the bottle, don’t assume the stock boy put the right paint in that location), I decided to skip airbrushing and just use a spray bomb. Even though I realize the Testors spray can for this color is notorious for coming out of the nozzle in big clumps, I still decided to go with that method. As you can predict, the paint came out splotchy, had runs and generally looked like crap. So, I stripped the paint, re-primed and just used my airbrush.

After laying down a nice smooth coat, things looked great on the body. But I wanted to clear the body, wet sand and buff. I just did that on another project and that looked pretty sweet. At least I’ll have a model with an awesome paint job. Well it did look sweet. But then I wound up using too aggressive of a rubbing compound and rubbed through the paint in a couple spots. Sigh, I am not repainting it again.

Regardless of the errors, I learned a few things. I also confirmed that building cars are just far harder than building figures or dioramas. Oh well, off to the next project.


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  1. Well,in your defense,that IS one of the nicest builtup of that kit as I’ve ever seen,you done good for working with that kit (it’s….horrid,LOL),nice detailing. Just count it as a learning experience,you got some good practice AND it’s still a nice looking shelf model 🙂 Ugh,I remember building a cuople of those back in the day,bad memories indeed. The year before I turned 16 (’89) my parents bought 2 brand new Mustang LX hatchbacks,both med. blue metallic. Mom’s was a 2.3L/5speed car,Dad a 5.0L/5 speed that he quickly started adding boltons too (that 150 horse shot of N.O.S. is technically a bolt on too 😉 ),I drove the hell out of that thing in high school,LOL!

    My 2nd car ever was a 4 eyed Foxbody,a ’79 Pace Car (did NOT know it’s heritage until after I’d totaled it…imagine that,never put a scratch on Dad’s 12.0 second car,totalled my 14.2 seconder,LMAO!),as it had been stripped down for refurbish when I got it with no interior and and a mostly stock 351W and toploader 4 speed. Too bad,I woulda treated it much better and kept/restored it (being fairly rare) rather than having been flogging it every evening,but ah well,live and learn!


    1. Thanks!

      Your dad had a 5.0 lx? That’s the ultimate car to have had while in high school! My dad was too stingy and was more concerned with cars that were practical. But his buddy always had cool cars, especially Mustangs. I had a beater 79 mustang. But it was a plain Jane 2.3 L with zero options. My dads buddy, always hooked his son up with sweet cars. He handed him a cherry 79 5.0 hatchback (no lie, in 89, this thing looked like it rolled off the showroom) then he handed him a bright red 86 gt in immaculate condition.

      I can’t believe fox body cars are 35-20 years old. I really need to find a rust free 87-90 car.

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