Flea market finds


Flea markets are a huge distraction for me anymore. It’s always a mystery as to what I’ll find and it’s always cheap.

Here’s what I found today. A 1983 Mustang GT convertible Monogram kit. Sill new in the box, with the cellophane (which quickly went into the trash). I’ve been looking for 83 & 84 Mustang GT model kits for awhile. They aren’t too common as far as Mustang model kits go. But as a proud owner of an 84 5.0 GT, I really want a model car to compliment the full-size. Unfortunately on eBay they go for $30. Way too much for me. This one was $4, bargain!

Maybe one day I’ll get around to building it. My stack of unbuilt kits continues to grow.


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  1. As early-mid 80’s kits go,that one’s pretty decent. I built one as a kid “back in the day” (newly released…am I REALLY that old…39? :P). I’ve watched those slip by for $30-50 on eVilbay as well. This year I’ve been buying a few in that price range though,I now have NIB (new in box) ’79 Pace Car,and a pair of different versions of the ’80-81 Cobra,all MPC in 1:25 scales. Still looking for an ’82 GT like the 1:1 I owned in high school,one of these (’83),and the seldom seen MPC 20th Anniversary edition kits (’84,white on the box art,like those few “GT350’s Ford produced before Carrol Shelby threw a fit on them,LOL). One day,I’ll get around to building them…as well as a replica of the ‘mid 13 second-but-stock-looking ’94 GT Ragtop I sold earlier this year (I’m started on a Cobra to GT conversion,but lost steam when I sold the 1:1 back in the Spring).
    Cool blog 🙂


    1. Thanks man. I’ve been looking for any fox-body Mustang kits I can get my hands on reasonably. A ’79 Pace car, 83-84 gt and an ’84 Anniversary edition are def on my list. Just a matter of finding them. I prefer the mystery of what you find at the flea market, but I’ll hit ebay for good deals or stuff I just know I’ll never find.

      I just finished an ’88 GT, (gotta get those pics up, my first attempt at adding detail, so it’s an iffy build) and these Monogram kits seem to be better replicas of the 1:1 than whoever molded that car. I forget the manufacturer right now.

      I’ve got a couple other Mustangs sitting in boxes waiting to be built. But I really want to build some small scale replicas of my 1:1 cars. I built a ’66 fastback to sort of match my real one, now I need an ’84 GT to match. I really would like that 1/12 scale GT 500 Revell has out. That’s just awesome.

      Thanks for the kind words. I wish more modelers would post their work.

      1. That may have been one of those old AMT ’88 GT kits if it wasn’t Monogram…the MPC and AMT kits are one and the same (I’m 99% positive,can’t remember for sure so I could be wrong). They…just weren’t as good as Monograms,though Monograms wer emost often in the slightly larger scale,1:24 vs the more common 1:25. Me too,from ’79 to present,I buy any Mustang kit I can find that I didn’t already have (or some that I do),though before a house fire last year,I had almost every year that was kitted from ‘64.5 through ‘;78 as well,LOL! I’ve owned a couple Camaros (both IROC Z’s,back in the 90’s),but I’m a Mustang Man 😉


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