Keroro Gunso, How I Learned to Love a Frog

Every now and then you come across something new, engaging and mysterious. It’s new to you, but feels as if it’s always been there. Why all the sentimental sentiments? I’m merely establishing the tone of this article. It will make the big reveal seem much grander. Yeah, right.

Sgt. Frog, Keroro Gunso, the Afru Gunso, this show is the object of my latest obsession. An older, children’s anime, that has shown up on Netflix. It’s not completely for kids, it has levels. It’s certainly not deep, but it’s hilarious and makes obscure references to ancient anime and pop-culture I relate too.

Plus a soundtrack that’s pure candy and sticks in your head like gum on your shoe. Check out this video if disco frogs are your thing.

Afro Sargent inspired this shirt. It’s a quick, WIP. Like a lot of the personal projects I create, I feel it’s more important to do the work for the learning experience, rather than fussing over it. In a month I may revise it, start over or dump it. Not to say I’m not happy with it, on the contrary, I like it. It has a 70’s Roach shirt feel. But, it could use more refinement and details. It has potential, maybe one day I’ll tap it, but for now it’s time to move on to something else.


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