What am I working on now?

Hey! I don’t have enough time for a full update on what is on the work bench, but I’m going to post a quick gallery of what’s under construction.

Hey folks. Here’s what’s in the bench. The bastard of all models, a Shelby Cobra, Batmobile and an Imperial Speeder bike.

Whys the Cobra a bastard? He didn’t start that way. Originally he was a pre-constructed model my wife found at the flea market for $2. It wasn’t a bad build, it looked like a decent teenager build from a couple of decades ago. It was painted and only missing a few small items and one big item, the windshield frame. The glass for the windscreen was still there, broken in half, but I figure it would make a good template

Since the day I got it home I started stripping it and put it aside. I finally started it in April and at first it went so well. I practiced detailing the motor, building the stacks for the induction system, running wires and fuel lines, wiring up the distributor and creating a more faithful accessory dress for the front of the motor. Then I painted the body. It came out alright, but in the process of rubbing it out I rubbed through the clear. So, stripped the paint against, reprinted it. Then in the process of moving it, I dropped it. The nice thing about using super glue, it falls apart instead of breaking. After putting it back together, I was fixing the axle and applied too much pressure and the entire rear axel assembly exploded.

Anyway, it’s gotta go back together. Oh well.


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