Maxmillian, from Disney’s the Black Hole

Maxmillain, from Walt Disney’s the Black Hole

Let’s get ready to BUILLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLDDDDDDDDDD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ok, it’s really not that exciting for you. But for me, different story.
The History

If you remember way back in 1978 or ’79, Disney put out a serious attempt at a sci-fi movie, The Black Hole. Most of you won’t remember, it was pretty much DOA, but I loved that movie as a kid. Specifically this guy, the evil robot minion of Dr. Hans Reinhart, Maxmillian! He hovered, looked like a demon and used his spinning claw to rip through someones chest. This guy struck fear into my young soul.

Despite Max’s penchant for murder, he was a key figure in the merchandising of this movie. Action figures, models, plastered on the cover of coloring books, comics, etc.. I did have quite a few of those items, in particular, this model kit. While the kit was pretty simple, had a low parts count, pre-molded in deep, blood red, and was cheap (about $4 at an early 80’s Kmart), it was a brilliant likeness, far better than the 3 3/4″ action figure. At 11″ tall, it was quite large and it made for a great toy, the arms and head moved and swiveled. Alas, like most of my models, he was built and destroyed. Now he occupies a land fill somewhere.

After getting back into modeling, I quickly became re-acquainted with the series of Black Hole kits. Browsing on Ebay I lusted over the NOS kits. But they were typically out of my low budget price range (a low of $40 to a high of $100) for an Ebay purchase.

So, how did I get this one? Chillefest! There is always someone selling vintage models there and to my surprise, the dude at Digital Realm Models had a new, in cellophane kit. It wasn’t cheap, but whatever, it’s a con and when will I ever come face to with a NIB Max?

The Build 

This build was simple really. But I decided to make it far more complicated. It’s what I do. Gotta try something new on each build! I decided Max needed to have his seems filled, LED lighting and some groovy Alclad chrome paint for his murder gadgets. The filling went as it always does, slow, repetitive and dusty. The LEDs where quite an experience. You would think that would be simple. Nooooo. It was simple, but I over complicated it. But it works. He’s got the glowing red eye. The applying of Alclad for the chrome bits went fantastic. I love that stuff! It’s actually a simple process. Paint your item gloss black, then airbrush on the Alclad with about 12 psi and in a few minutes, shiny. The rest of Max’s paint was pretty simple too. A base coat of Testors deep red, followed by dry brushing on some black and then a couple coats of clear.

The End

That’s really all there is to Max. He’s awesome. Not a show winner, but some modeling progress and skills have been made and learned. I learned about LEDs, chrome paints, more airbrush time, custom made a base… Alright I’m wrapping up. It’s starting to sound like the end of an episode of ___________(insert name of educational children’s show).


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