Bigfoot, AMT reissue


This bad boy was just reissued by AMT from an old 1970’s kit. I had no idea this kit existed but as soon as I saw it, I had to have it. A corny, savage, 8th grader point of view of Bigfoot. But, Bigfoot only exists in the mind of 8th graders, so this is as good as it gets if you want to see a real one.

This kit was an easy one to put together and paint. The biggest challenge was filling. I hate filling. If it wasn’t for all the seams, it would have been done in a day. But I hate sanding and filling requires a lot of sanding.

Like most of my figure kits, it was mainly done with a brush, but I did use the airbrush a little bit. Mainly on the base. I love the glow in the dark features of the kit, but that white is too bright! I toned it down with some washes and hoped the glow in the dark still worked. It does, but some of the edge has been taken off.

If I have any regrets, it’s that he is too dark. I would have liked to have went with a more yellow-brown. But when you only have a few colors to work with, you make what you can. The paint job came out super smooth though. I’m impressed that I brushed it!

This kit really got me hooked on Sasquatch related materials. I spent most of the time painting it listening to episodes of Monstertalk (if you love a science based view of cryptids, check it out!), watching Bigfoot docs on Netflix (check out Not Your Typical Bigfoot movie) and the B movie, Shriek of the Sasquatch. Yeah, I really got into this. Now if somebody would put out Mothman, Yeti and Lochness monster kits to sit beside him on the shelf.


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  1. LOL,I hate filling too! 😛 Cool looking kit none-the-less. I don’t remember seeing these abck then..but being born in ’73,I was pretty young,haha!


    1. I dread filling. I started using spot filler. Much easier to work with! Plus a huge tube costs $4 at Walmart.

      I had no clue these existed until I started seeing them popping up on eBay. I was born in ’72, so I missed out on the odd-ball stuff they were making back then too.

      1. Yep yep,Bondo brand glazing spot putty,good stuff,that’s what I use too 🙂


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