Macross/Robotech Imai Veritech fighter, Finally Finished!

YAY! This kit is FINALLY done. I corrected what I could and did the best I could muster. But, I grow weary of working on it and not having it completed. Don’t get me wrong, I still LOVE this kit. But if I could start all over again, I could build it so much faster and better.

Imai 1/72 Transforming Veritech fighter.

This is a kit I’ve been wanting to build ever since I was a 14 year old kid watching the American version of Macross, Robotech.

I found this kit on eBay a few months ago for $5 and free shipping, that’s a crazy deal. At the recent Chiller show, some guy was selling the Revell Robotech series version for $60. Even though this isn’t the the more desirable Skull leader Veritech, it’s still a hard to get kit. This kit had to be from the 80’s or early 90’s. It’s hard to find documentation, plus everything is in Japanese.

Since I haven’t built a Japanese import kit in 20 years, I forgot just how much detail they pack into their models. Japanese model kits always put the US kits to shame back in the day. The modern US kits have gotten a lot better though!

This kit was a tough build. It’s still not complete, but the Batteloid mode is pretty much complete. Its a very complex build and since it does transform, there are no dead areas on this model. At some point every bit of the build is visible. Plus, being a transformer, great care has to be taken to ensure the parts move smoothly.

My big mistake on building this kit was not using a good paint. I went with cheap Krylon primer and paint. Bad, bad idea. First off the Krylon primer sticks to horribly. It constantly was chipping. Plus it was thick. Not good on a model with tiny parts that move and have tight tolerances. While I did strip some parts and re-finish them, for the most part, I kept the original paint job. On anything I redid, I went with Tamiya pants and primers. Their products have a much finer spray and don’t chip.

One issue I had, was how do you build this and fill the seams? A lot of pieces needed to be painted before final assembly, once you assemble it, their are ugly seams. So, it took a lot of trial, error and planing to get it to this point. The last issue I had, tamiya brush on acrylics are not compatible with Revell clears…. I found this out when I sprayed the clear on the fighter cockpit and the black started to bleed. After that happened, I wound up stripping both cockpits and the lower legs and missile packs. I still need to finish the fighter cockpit and missile packs. But, I’m taking a bit of a break with this project.

So, what do you think? While It’s far from a show winner, it’s an improvement of skill and technique. It’s a fairly clean build, no glue and paint smears. Seams are decently filled. It’s not perfect, but I’m happy with the results so far. One day, I’ll find another kit and try again. Once I finish this one of course!

Oh yeah, cameras on iPads suck. Definitely need to pull out the digital camera.
Next up… A write up of my 1988 mustang gt build!


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