Frankenstein Revell model kit


About the Kit
Frankenstein. I guess this is a re-pop of the old Aurora monster kits. This guy has lots of information on the cool kits Aurora came out with back in the 60’s and 70’s, (professorplastik) While I’m not a huge Universal Monster fan, I do have an appreciation for the movies and the character designs. This kit is definitely based on the Karloff version of Frankenstein, it really looks like him. Really great sculpt.

What Learned
This was my first attempt at building a figure model kit since I was a kid. And it was my first attempt at actually painting one. I never enjoyed figure kits as a kid, since they were real simple builds, with horrible seems and gaps and need lots of complicated painting to make them look good. When I picked this kit up at Michael’s arts and crafts discount bin for $5.95, I doubted it would ever be finished and if it was finished, it would take forever to build and be a hideous piece of plastic poo. This kit turned out to be the total opposite of all my expectations. While I did’t rocket through it(or send a rocket through it), it didn’t take that long to build. Filling the seams wasn’t as bad as I thought and painting it was freakin’ fun! Painting it was like oil painting, dab-dab-dab, let the wet colors blend together. Very painterly! While it doesn’t have the smooth airbrushed finish of the typical mode, figures, I like the style. Kind of grungy and impressionistic. This kit inspired me to pick up more figure kits, definitely a lot of fun.


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