My first post and first project update!

NBA 2003 cabinet before
This is the start!

Finally I have gotten around to writing a post. It’s only taken a week. It’s amazing how little free time you have while on holiday from work!

To get everyone on board, these blogs are going to be about personal projects that I’ll be working on. Since I am a graphic designer, every project is related to design somehow.

My current obsession is building a MAME cabinet. If you don’t know what MAME is, it’s the (M)ultiple (A)rcade (M)achine (E)mulator program that runs just about every cabinet based arcade game created ( Many people use this free program to build their own arcade cabinets which can play thousands of games. I’ve always wanted an upright arcade machine. But they are pricey, take up a lot of space and are devoted to one single game. This is the ultimate solution! Every game ever made, in one spot.

Why did I decide to do this now? Well, blame it on Ebay. While browsing I came across peeps selling plans to build your own MAME cabinet. Before that, the thought (to build one) did cross my mind, but I kinda assumed it would be pricey and time consuming. Well, the plans said you can get old arcade cabinets for practically nothing and the controls are very inexpensive. Plus it had links. Links to lots of shiny, illuminated machines in people’s basements. Drool.

So, a few Googles and Craigslist searches later… I found TNT Amusements ( was giving away old cabinets. I had to have one. At least I could get the cabinet now and start on it at a later date. Right? Plus, it’s TNT Amusements. I always wanted to visit that place! If you haven’t, check out their infomercial. It used to be on the early morning telemarketing rotation and it’s hilarious. The owner would constantly be getting his arm (sic) amputated. On a side note, I did get to speak to the owner and saw him on location. I was starstruck.

As if you haven’t figured it out, I got a cabinet. After a week of waiting for appropriate transport, I finally made it down to Horsham and got a cabinet. It was the second rattiest cabinet left. All the good ones with graphics and space were sucked up. But, whatever, I got a beat up NBA 2003 Midway cabinet. It’s rough. Really rough.

MAME Cabinet as of 7/4/11
Here it is, running Double Dragon!

After getting it home, I’ve stripped the puppy down, thrown some paint on it. Got a monitor inside of it, made a bezel and got my old AMD/Asus A7V board operational.

I’ll throw up my before, and the current state pics. It’s still got a long way to go. Plus, there’s a lot of detail to go into about getting it this far. But, I’m tired, I need another Merry Monks and I have to go back to work tomorrow. Boo. So, I’m signing out. For the moment, Updates will come!


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